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Union College in April by Linda Stephen, an origami artwork

Union College in April

27” x 39” x 2”

This piece incorporates hundreds of handmade papers and origami folded paper sculptures to honor the beauty of the tree-filled campus of Union College in Lincoln. This applied origami piece shows the view of the 100-foot steel clocktower, the hosta gardens, the bench monument and the arboretum when walking east from 48th Street toward the Everett Dick Administration building after entering the campus at the south stone arch.

One of my goals when I create a custom scene is to bring out the richness of the place. And sometimes to make a place (such as a solid grey or brick building) more colorful than “reality.”

Did you know that the Union College campus in Lincoln is part of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum? There are more than 100 species of trees and bushes on campus. I’ve included many of these in this series: flowering crabapples, red oak, Colorado spruce, Rocky Mountain juniper, honey locust, Austrian pine, Norway maple, red bud and more.

This artwork won “Best of Show” at a Lincoln Artists’ Guild annual exhibit. The judge, gallery owner Julia Noyes, said, "Linda Stephen is expanding her chosen medium of paper- combining colored patterns, details, texture. The detail and textures - in the grass, in the trees, in the flowers, in the people - draw you in and keep you looking."


Paper construction of hundreds of invented origami (folded paper) sculptures and Japanese handmade papers (washi).


Inspired by the tree-filled campus and the blossoming of spring in this walkable neighborhood and college campus.

Union College in April by Linda Stephen, an origami artwork

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