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Sledding Day at Pioneers Park, an Origami illustration by Linda Stephen

Sledding Day at Pioneers Park

13” x 24” x 2”
Not for Sale

Inspired by the sledding hill at Pioneers Park in Lincoln, Nebraska on a February day with snow on the ground. The sledding hill at Pioneers Park is ranked by USA Today as one of the best (top 10) sledding hills in the country. Visit at 3201 S. Coddington Ave., Lincoln, Neb.

What is your favorite type of sled? Have you ever steered down a hill with an old runner sled? Do you like saucers – speedy, but lots of spinning and no chance to steer? Do you like a toboggan-style plastic sled so you can stretch out your legs (or fit on two riders at once)? Have you ever used a wooden toboggan and speeded down a hill with six friends, blinded with snow spray if you are in the front? Have you ever tried sledding with a found object like a metal cookie sheet or some cardboard or the back side of your snowpants?

Some of the speediest sleds are simple plastic sleds that work with wet snow, dry snow, or packed down snow. Look for sleds designed or manufactured in Canada rather than elsewhere. Keep your eyes open at garage sales. Sometimes flashy-looking sleds don’t glide well.

How many times do you sled down the hill? How long is the hike to the top?

Everything in the art is made from paper, primarily Japanese handcrafted papers - layered or folded or cut. The snow is folded and layered from Japanese momigami wrinkled paper. The origami runner sled and person in the foreground took about a week to invent, assemble and attach at the appropriate angle.

This artwork was chosen as the annual holiday card for a local hospital, with the image serving as a symbol of health and happiness for the new year. It is part of a private art collection.


Paper construction of invented origami sculptures and layered papers using handmade Japanese washi papers


Inspired by the joy of sledding on a sunny winter day.

Sledding Day at Pioneers Park, an Origami illustration by Linda Stephen

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