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Celebrating Pyrtle Memories

32" x 36"
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Celebrating Pyrtle Memories – Collaborative Art 2013

Background: In March 2013, Pyrtle Principal Paula Baker asked for help in creating art for the Pyrtle school offices. A team of five including Principal Baker, parents and a student artist met weekly to brainstorm ideas that would celebrate the learning and community of Pyrtle Elementary School. The team decided to create a project that would incorporate art from each student in the school because everyone plays a role in making Pyrtle Elementary a great community for [learning and growing…..] This would be incorporated into three art pieces: Kindergarten and First Grade, Second and Third Grades, and Fourth and Fifth Grades.

In April 2013, Pyrtle teachers and staff shared ideas on curricula, special memories and events from each grade. Professional artists Linda Stephen and Andrea Scott, who are Pyrtle parents, joined 18 art classes led by teacher Rosalie Claussen. Each class first brainstormed ideas of their favorite memories from that year, then used colored pencils to draw an image or scene on a 2” by 2” square of paper. They also got to see and ask about Andrea Scott’s book illustrations and mural wall paintings and Linda Stephen’s origami collage landscapes for public buildings.

Over three months in the summer of 2013, Linda Stephen and Andrea Scott incorporated the children’s art into larger works that reflect curriculum and favorite memories for each grade.

Media: 2”x 2” colored-pencil student drawings, illustrations, paper collage, origami

Design team: Principal Paula Baker, parents Andrea Scott and Linda Stephen, student Mya Miller and art specialist Rosalie Claussen

Artists: 420 Pyrtle Elementary students Kindergarten through 5th grade

Professional Artists: Origami collage artist Linda Stephen and illustrator Andrea Scott

Funding: Thanks to the Pyrtle PTO for funding for art supplies and professional framing




Celebrating Pyrtle Memories:  Kindergarten and First Grade

This includes art from about 130 students.


Can you find any images of Pyrtle memories for Kindergartners? Look for:

  • Plan Do Review time
  • Qbear
  • AlphaFriends like C Callie Cat and O Ozzie Octopus
  • Books
  • Firefighters visit
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Legos
  • Playground
  • Friends
  • Teachers


Can you find any images of Pyrtle memories for First Graders? Look for:


  • Animals and habitats
  • Field trips to nature center
  • Gingerbread houses
  • Camping celebration
  • Good books
  • Research writings
  • Pyramid of success
  • Friendships
  • Playground
  • Friends
  • Losing a tooth




Celebrating Pyrtle Memories: Second and Third Grade

This includes art from about 130 students.


Can you find any images of Pyrtle memories for Second Graders?

Look for:

  • Butterflies and moths (hatching from pupa) in classroom
  • Weather
  • Nature center field trips
  • Matter experiments
  • How-to lessons on how to make Chango Bars or Thunder Cake or Bread
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Cursive
  • Researching an animal
  • Art: pottery and still life drawings
  • Music: drums and singing
  • PE
  • Computers
  • Library
  • Playground
  • Friends
  • After school clubs



Can you find any images of Pyrtle memories for Third Graders?

Look for:

  • Embryology (hatching chicks) in classroom
  • Dinosaurs
  • Simple machines
  • Cursive
  • Morrill Hall
  • Research on country and ancestors
  • Art: landscapes and weaving
  • Music
  • PE
  • Computer
  • Library
  • Playground



Celebrating Pyrtle Memories: Fourth and Fifth Grade

This includes art from about 160 students.


Can you find any images of Pyrtle memories for Fourth Graders?

Look for:

  • Heritage School at Pioneers Park
  • Hamburger picnic
  • States Fair – research on states
  • Prairie field trip
  • Biography
  • Specials – Art, Music (recorders), P.E., Library
  • 4th grade Orchestra/Strings
  • 4th/5th grade choir and singing at the State Capital in March
  • Playground
  • Friends
  • Nutcracker visit to Pyrtle
  • After school clubs


Can you find any images of Pyrtle memories for Fifth Graders?

Look for:

  • Science Fair
  • Buddies with 1st graders
  • Morrill Hall visit
  • Lux Middle School visit
  • Selling candy canes
  • Planner
  • Math fractions and algebra
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Health
  • Standardized tests
  • Sheldon Art Museum visit
  • Earth Wellness Day and Raptor Center
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Specials: Art, P.E., Computers, Music
  • Playground
  • Friends




Media media: Colored pencil (children), ink, paper


The role of every person in the school, from students to teachers and staff and families, in making the elementary school a great community for learning and growing.

Celebrating Pyrtle Memories 2nd and 3rd grade opped

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