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Our Band - parade in origami - by Linda Stephen

Our Band

28” x 40”x1"
Not for Sale

Inspired by the Minden Opera House, 1891, small town parades, and the community of downtown Minden, Nebraska, “Our Band” is part of the permanent collection in the Minden Opera House. See in the lobby above the drinking fountains. Take a tour of the Minden Opera House to see a beautiful restored opera house, art gallery and more - and take a walk around the classical courthouse square. Find hours and directions at


Origami collage of Japanese papers


Celebrating the true spirit of community and mentorship in small towns.

I have been enchanted by Minden’s courthouse square since I first visited in 2006.  I love the shops and restaurants and the feeling of community even on a cold day in March. The architecture and design of the buildings are a beautiful, solid backdrop to the true beauty of the place: how people greet each other, how large trucks stop for pedestrians, and how volunteers can put together theater productions “The Wizard of Oz” or “Cinderella” with 30+ children and lead singers who could be on Broadway!

“Our Band” celebrates the pride in that coming together and the abundant talent that is shared with everyone.

This is the view from the Northwest corner of the town square. Look closely. Do you recognize the corner of Joy’s Floral? the Minden Opera House? Hank’s Hardware? The Mall? Dollar General? or the Old Bank Building? This origami collage landscape incorporates hundreds of original paper sculptures – from trumpets and trombones to trees.

Our Band - parade in origami - by Linda Stephen

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I put on workshops across the country for all ages. I specialize in designing artworks and workshops that involve all ages in creating art that celebrates a vision or a place.